There are many reasons why people allow themselves to be bound. Some people fell a kind of freedom during corporal passivity, they can concentrate on their inner spirituality and feel at peace. Others experience helplessness struggle against their bonds en feel a degree of masochistic pleasure from the restraint and pain.

Hay muchas razones por las cuales alguien desearia ser atado ,para algunos es una forma de liberacion ,el poder concentrarce en su lado espiritual y sentirse en paz consigo mismo. Otros encuentran en la sesnsasion de abandono y dificultades que pueda provocar el estar atado ,como una forma de placer masoquista en la contriccion y el dolor .

I’m Mrvikthor, a theatre maker, costume designer, Tantra bodyworker, and BDSM kink aware Master. After working 25 years as a theater maker , director and actor; I discovered my kink identity through theater, what was at the beginning a source of inspiration to expand creatively in my theatre work, kink and fetish in erotic comedy, turned out to be an important call and an opportunity to work the kink aspect of my personality that was till then untouched. Soon then I began to reconnect with my spiritual self through tantra philosophy, which is the key to understand what I do and who I am now . A kinkster in the land of the sacred.

What is Tantra

Tantra is an ancient philosophy, 4000 years old that began in Far East, India.  It teaches us the ability to reconnect with our senses, to become more aware of our physical bodies, and discover, manage and use the natural energy within us.
Tantra massage is one of the tools I use to connect with the kink. It is a type of massage that moves the natural energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness and open the door to a magnificent state of well being. It is a massage that works on the body, the emotions and the spirit, making the experience complete.  Like other forms of massage, it can be very relaxing and intense at the same time. It can alleviate physical pain, and trigger emotional release. Tantra massage can also help people to become more fulfilled and personally empowered. Tantra techniques becomes a key to a door to the sacred and the profane, to recognize in our shadow a true fountain of knowledge by being in an open dialogue with our kinky persona.

Eros on Fire

Sacred kink: a personal note .

My Conscious Kink a very personal quest. It is a road to connect with our sexual energy where the sacred and the profane can be recognised in our own sexuality. The understanding of the Shadow, the Dark Side , dark eros as a force of Wisdom in a journey towards happiness and plenitude. So able to fully express our own sexual identity with no shame or prejudice, being aware, being conscious. A session is a passage to a deep connection with our body, our emotions and the spirit. Here the passive partner, playing with his submissive persona, becomes an expression of the divine that is within us all. My dungeon is my temple. A sacred space carefully prepared for the ritual. The passive partner is for me like a magnificent instrument to play. A violin I carefully remove from its case and gently touch the strings to play the notes and create a sublime symphony of pleasure, sensuality, and love. Master and servant. Dominant and submissive. Archetype souls joining earth with the cosmic energy in a channel of knowledge, magic, and ecstacy that makes the play complete. EMBRACE YOUR KINK.    MrVikthor

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