I would like to invite you to walk together explore and discover what is kink and how this expression of our sexuality can become a transformative tool in our lives .

My work in kink sexuality includes tantra and sacred sexuality as a path, as I believe that `tantra and kink can contribute to one another. I approach a kink sexuality that includes the spiritual as a transformative force, that can help us to live fully whom we really are. Working with tantra techniques, introducing the important concept of being conscious in the here and now, with our body, our partner and the space we are in. Open to explore with our emotions and our subtile bodies a connection to a deeper level. I am Mrviktor ,Tantric body worker, Conscious kink coach and an Artist .

Why Theatre

All knowledge that art could be a source of healing may be quiet familiar, but to know that the Ancients saw in theatre a catharsis, a viable cure for the soul may be more obscure. In fact, in ancient Greek culture the tradition of visiting temples to ask the gods for guidance included a visit to de the healer of maladies of the body and to the theatre to cure the soul. All part of a complex system of beliefs that see illness of the body as a manifestation of the wounded soul. After 25 years as an active theatre maker I came to the understanding that the Truth of our reality can be spoken out like the player on the theatre scene and experience in the body the emotions move. By holding up the mirror I can actively participate as a guide and help you to walk the hidden forest of you consciousness that holds the naked truth. My new theatre stage is my dungeon, my tantric temple that can receive a wondering soul in search of guidance and help to unfold and understand the mysteries, secrets and longing of our soul.

What is kink

kink is a concept that involve all expression of sexuality that are not conventional and out of the norm, therefore is considered as something bad. under the concept of kink we find a subdivisions that involve a wide range of possibilities that are part of peoples fantasies and secret desire. kink is a word that means *twisted * and is a kind of umbrella that hold diferent tendencies from the fringe of our sexuality , like Fetishism, vouyerism , cross-dresing and B.D.S.M ( Bondage Discipline domination submission and sadomasochism ).

Being able to express my kink and live on a sane safe and consensual way is what my work as a coach is directed to .because by being and enjoying who we really are and what we really like is the only road to what is more important for all of us . A sense of Happiness and completion . And only then we will manage to liberate ourselves from what is has imprisoned and became and obstacle in our life journey , to find our true purpose by being ourselves fully.

My sacred KINK

My Conscious Kink a very personal quest. It is a road to connect with our sexual energy where the sacred and the profane can be recognize in our own sexuality as one like the Ying and Yang . I believe that we cannot really find the spiritual withing us by rejecting the physical desiere , because as creature of the divine we are entirily sacred by nature . When i talk about sacred kink i open the door to our emotions and the spiritual , finding a road where the sacred ( spirit ) and profane (the flesh ) can unite and help us to understand that there is no good and not bad because is all part of whom we are . a creatures of the divine . There for is important to understand our Shadow and not repress that energy in us , the Dark Side , dark form of Eros can be a profound transformative force when is work in a conscious way and is welcome , otherwise that force will come to us in a negative and toxic form by living that desire in the dark as something that is shameful , dirty and its can appears as very destructive with aggression to our partners or by evasion in drugs which will ultimately block our senses losing all transformative powers .

My dungeon became my temple. A sacred space carefully prepared for the ritual of transformation .

Where the pasive partner working with the submisive archetype will meet and be guide for a Dominant archetype . This ordeal of transformation have only one purpose to find and expreses you nature fully with no shame that at the very end will help us to liberate from what is keep us in the dark .Being a wonderful process of healing ourselves and let behind the things that are not necessary anymore in our path trough life . This is a kind invitation to have a gentil conversation with you shadow and i will be there to hold the space for you . EMBRACE YOUR KINK.    MrVikthor


Tantra is an ancient philosophy, 4000 years old that began in the Far East, India.  It teaches us the ability to reconnect with our senses, to become more aware of our physical bodies, and discover, manage and use the natural energy within us.

teaching us five important tools that will help us to develop as a person in a more conected mind body and spirit .learn about meditacion ,work with the physical body assanas ( yoga ) with our breathing pranayamas ,contact with the body through touch (massage ) and rituals . This tecniques are central in my work with kink sexuality as a form of being aware to gain one of the most important teaching of tantra. Transformation of ourselves and find our true purpose .

Tantra s una antigua filosofia the india de 4000 anios de antiguedad, que ensenia la habilidad para conectar con los sentidos para hacernos mas conscientes de nuestro cuerpo fisico ,para descubrir y usar la energia natural en nosotros . El masaje tantrico es uno de los instrumentos que uso para conectar con nuestro lado kinky ,es un tipo de masaje que mueve energia naural paar alcanzar altos estados supraconsiente , una puerta a una sensasion de plenitud , este masaje trabaja con el cuerpo las emociones y el espiritu ,como otro tipo de masajes puede llevarte a un estado profundo de relajacion, puede aliviar el dolor fisico y en algunos casos ser un detonante para liberar energia emocional estancada. El masaje tantrico tambien puede ayudar a empoderarte y sentirte pleno y tambien puder servir como una llave para ayudarnos a conectar con nuestra sombra , con el inconsciente , con los aspectos de la sexualidad alternativa que estaban escondidos , ayudando a establecer un dialogo con tu kinky persona .

The esoteric

My work have an holistic approach that include the ritual and the esoteric that provide two important elements to the experience . The ritual prepare our mind and our spirit making , a specific ritual tailored to each person, and secondly the esoteric that include astrology as a tool that is a guide into the psicology of each person and their sacred particularities .Both element are vital to the journey which help us to understand that spirituality is something that is belong to every one of us, just by being whom we are and that spirituality dont belong to any religion but to all human that is in search of the bigger truth in our selves as part of our planet and the universe above and i prase a famous esoterical believe that. What is above is also below .

Tantra and Bondage a sacred kink exploration .

Lates video

The astrology of kink workshop : Exploring tantra kink and the esoteric .2/3/4 june 2023