To be able to understand what is  Domination and submission, power exchange dynamic we have to primarily refer to BDSM wich under the concept of kInk,  involve all experiences related to, Bondage, Domination, Submission, sadism, masochism.  When we talk about D/s , domination, and submission we enter into the world of relationship, but this one is of a   very specific nature.  D/s  is a type of relationship that involves a profound desire for surrender to someone and in the opposite  Dominate someone.

Dominants and submissives found themselves on a ship where one cant be without the other, like opposite forces that attract themselves and establish a very singular path to follow.  I want to refer this to forces  as active  and passive, masculine and feminine  or the opposite Yin and Yang, shiva and shakti energy, by being able to understand  Domination and submission  play as an encounter of energy, we open the door  that will bring us to another layer  of  understanding  what can  exist behind a scene where a Dominant is depicted with a whip and his submissive  in restrain, ready to enter the realm of impact play ( pain play 

Domination∞Submission and beyond

The masculine and the feminine as natural forces in all of us must be understood not as a gender, man and women but as polarities, energies with their own specific characteristics.   The masculine energy ( Yang, shiva) connects with the rational aspect and behavior, action and decisions, physical power, the world of reason and the Conscious, the Sun, and daylight.

The Feminine energy ( yin, shakti)   connect with intuition, emotions, inspiration, and the subconscious is passive and receptive energy, represented by the moon and the night.  Sun and moon, day and night are part of the wheel that moves through time and space, where we can never escape because in that unity relay existence.   The balance of the two forces within ourselves is the challenge that life presents to all of us, the equilibrium of my masculine and my feminine.   If we imagine Domination and submission like the encounter of these two forces, then we are able to offer a very different way to experience power exchange, giving a new intention to the play and our awareness, expression which will can only benefit.