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Tantra ♓ Bondage

Tantra ♓︎   Shibari: An introduction to Shibari,  the Japanese art of knots, restraint and the healing forces there in. An ecstatic meditation, combined with tantric massage. A way to transform by liberating blocks, connecting with your emotional body, release fear and embracing the beauty of your own body. Intimate dialogue with your fears and desires. Empowering yourself by giving over your own power to the Tantrica (tantric practitioner) that will hold the space and care for you on a restful journey, in a warm atmosphere .This is the first approach to a rope ritual

On this experience  you will be introduced to tantra techniques on breathing and moving sexual sacred energy,  the art of Japanese rope restraint, you will be safely guided on this  journey, where you experience the touch of the ropes  and the hands of a tantric masseur

Investement  : 100 €  90 minutes


Explore with no shame. Let go of fear, guilt, and self-judgment, bringing non-conventional sexuality out of the dark corners and viewing it with a friendly eye.  To see its potential as a growing and positive force that enables one to Transform. An intimate dialogue facing you kink in a tantric way, by being aware, fully present in complete communion with yourself, understanding that what you feel or fantasies about can be part of your path in life.

This is a journey for people that want to embrace their submissive side for people that want to experience the spiritual and the profane in a kinky journey, the balance of femening and masculine forces , where is possible  to explore you emotions and your kink persona in an conscious way , explore the shadow , as a form of spiritual expression within the  kinky experience, empowered by Shibari, the art of making knots and Tantra,  embrace you wonderful   shadow. Letting yourself free by giving up control and see the sacred behind it.
investment  2 hrs
€ 120

Tantra ♓︎   MASSAGE

Conscious Touch : a treat for the body

Touch is the most powerful means of nonverbal communication to awaken the senses and bring you in contact with yourself, your feelings and emotions, through the use of tantric technologies. You get a full body massage, front and back with warm natural oil. An invitation to open your senses and feel the body relaxing through touch, music, aromatic essences, and tantra , introduction session . Investment   100€    1 hr massage 

BEWUSTE AANRAKING : een traktatie voor het lichaam Aanraken is het krachtigste middel van non-verbale communicatie om de zintuigen te wekken en je in contact te brengen met jezelf, je gevoelens en emoties, door het gebruik van tantrische technologieën. U krijgt een volledige lichaamsmassage, voor- en achterkant met warme natuurlijke olie. Een uitnodiging om je zintuigen te openen en het lichaam te ontspannen door aanraking, muziek, aromatische essenties en tantra. Investering 100 €   1 uur massage 

Tantric session

Learning tantra techniques that work within the massage experience, the first step on a true tantra journey.  

The experience begins by discovering the subtle touch of the body, (conscious touch) that will open your senses and connect with your body in another way. Open your senses be guide by the Tantrika (masseur ) There you will come to feel sacred sexual energy around the whole body and learn about the potential to transform with this healing force .Learn about your sexuality , the blockades on you chakra system

Full body massage front and back and a first approach to understanding kundalini massage (massage of  the lower zones)

Investment 120 €   90 min

Introductiesessie Tantra . Het leren van tantra-technieken die werken binnen de massage-ervaring, de eerste stap op een ware tantra-reis.  De ervaring begint met het ontdekken van een subtiele aanraking van het lichaam, (bewuste aanraking) die je zintuigen zal openen en op een andere manier in contact zal komen met je lichaam. Daar zul je heilige seksuele energie rond het hele lichaam gaan voelen en leren over het potentieel om te transformeren met deze helende kracht.

Volledige lichaamsmassage voor en achter en een eerste benadering van het begrijpen van de Kundalini-massage (massage van de lagere zones)


A full tantric journey, learn about tantra ,breathing techniques and massage , understanding the chakra system and tantra philosophy learning to move kundakini energy by understanding Sacred Lock multiorgasmic journey , complete body massage face up and face down, Lingam massage (penis ) and prostate massage ( sacred zone ) recognize you erotic point, and be able to fully explore corporal orgasm, control your ejaculation and feel your sexual energy around your body and the healing potential. This session begins with a tantric ritual as an introduction to the tantra experience.   Investment    140 €   2 hr

Een volledige tantrische reis, leren over tantra, volledige lichaamsmassage met een gezicht omhoog en naar beneden, leren tantrische technieken, bewust ademhaling, bewustzijn, herken je erotische punt, en wees volledig in staat om corporale orgasme te onderzoeken, je ejaculatie te beheersen en seksuele energie te voelen Om je lichaam. Deze sessie begon met een tantrisch ritueel als een inleiding tot de tantra-ervaring  . Investering  140 € 2 uur 


Shibari Bondage a journey for couples that want to explore the wonderful world of Dark Eros throught the Japanese art of making knots ,Shibari . A session wil introduce you into the basic aspect of a Dominant /submision power exchange dinamic , basic concept and a fully introduction to kink regarding kink aware protocles, you will learn the basic on rope bondage to play with your partner on a safe way ,learn about tantra and massage as part of Concious Kink programe , this journey is around 4 hr and the cost is 250 eur