Tantric Bodywork

Tantra Massage


Touch is the most powerful means of non verbal communication and to realise what it is we want to communicate… emotions. Touching has become crucial in a ‘touch-phobic’ society.
​We are not used to touching strangers, or even, for that matter, our friends. We live in a culture where touch is taboo to the point of considering it suspicious, weird or even perverted. And those who dare to express their desire, or need, for touch are considered to be ‘sad’ beings.

Tantra is an ancient philosophy, 4000 years  old    that began in the Far East.  That  teach us the ability to reconnect with our senses, to  become more aware of our physical bodies, and  discover, manage and use the natural energy within us.
Tantra massage is a type of massage that natural  energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness  and  opening  the door  to a magnificent state of well being , Tantra massage  work on the body , the emotions and de spirit  ,making the experience  complete .  Like other forms of massage, tantra massage can be very relaxing  but also very intense , can  alleviate physical pain and emotional fear and guilt. Tantra massage can also help people to become more fulfilled and personally empowered
Exploring sensuality on a deeper level, a place where body, emotion and soul  meet extraordinary forces within our own selves. Being able to experience the absolute truth that we are part of something bigger, a soul that connects us to the cosmic creation.
When we discover that the magic force we often seek is not somewhere out there but is in fact inside our own physical body, we feel its layers, and being able to communicate with others on the same vibration is something I always knew was possible. When  you find the right connection, that door opens and you can start a new path in life, one with infinite doors and spaces. There we learn about ourselves and  start to question what it is we are actually doing here

Awakening the body is a perfect way to be introduced into a tantric experience, this massage will bring you to the basic fundament of what a tantra experience is, which is conscious touch and breathing, inviting your body to relax  and open to moving energy , this massage will take you to a deep feeling of relaxation, being conscious of your body and feelings ,is a combination of deep touch for the physical body complains and soft-touch that connect with feeling and emotion,where sensuality take a big part, opening  up the erotic places and desire,  but there is not kundalini massage ( works with sacred sexual energy and genital ) the focus is en  the body and emotions  . This experience is around 1 hour and is perfect to get in touch with tantric techniques to start.


Through Conscious Touch, we embrace the body,  learn to move energy and enhance feelings and emotions.  With a light  touch of the fingers tips  feeling the skin under  we awaken  the body ,and connecting with the sexual energy  that arouses  ,  a deep body massage  with oil,   from top to toe , in a  safe  warm and welcoming  atmosphere ,the massage is given on the floor  in a futon, music and  different types of aromatics oils   invite you to relax  and give yourself to the experience , awakening of all senses, is a unique  form to approach you sexuality, with no shame, open embrace  of whom you are, in a learning  process   where you all body experience  you sexual being   above  the first chakra  moving up to the heart  and hope to the crown   Chakra . Soon your body is prepared, will begin, kundalini massage, which is Lingam massage (penis ) and sacred zone massage ( anus and prostate ) where the aim is not to release ( ejaculation ) but move the sacred sexual energy all around the body.
​This is an invitation to explore  your sexuality. A potentially sublime experience without any shame or fear because it is a sacred path on which we can learn and grow and understand that happiness is there waiting inside of each one of us.