Tantra meet Shibari

There are many reasons why people allow themselves to be bound. Some people fell a kind of freedom during corporal passivity, they can concentrate on their inner spirituality and feel at peace. Others experience helplessness struggle against their bonds en feel a degree of masochistic pleasure from the restraint and pain.

Hay muchas razones por las cuales alguien desearia ser atado ,para algunos es una forma de liberacion ,el poder concentrarce en su lado espiritual y sentirse en paz consigo mismo. Otros encuentran en la sesnsasion de abandono y dificultades que pueda provocar el estar atado ,como una forma de placer masoquista en la contriccion y el dolor .

Restrain. Tantra♓︎Shibari

Restraining the body with rope is on a very old Japanese tradition. Kinbaku. known as well as ” Shibari”( tying ) where the passive subject is bound with ropes and keep prisoner, that technique was used by Samurais, to immobilize their prisoners. Each technique has a special signature and was learned in schools, in the time of peace was used by police forces as a regular form to restrain their prisoners. This tradition continued for centuries to eventually appear en traditional Kabuki theatre. There were actors as well commonly seeing depicted in restrains and that images sometimes were depicted on the advertising of their perform. When the practice of restraining was no longer included in the military studies, all restrain culture stays alive in the underground subculture, being used as erotic images and printed in magazines. Now a day is it survives as part of the fetish subculture worldwide as an erotic tool but as well as an art form.

I incorporate tantra to my bondage practice as a technique that helps to get in contact with the subtle body, on a kind of a silent talk with our shadow, helping emotional channels to open, creating a space where trust is built, the active partner hold the space, and guide the soul on an intense journey. Ropes in ancient Japan were as well used to mark sacred places that had been touch by the gods of nature, as part of their religion. Shintu, that survive into a modern time.


As a bondage practitioner Tantra tools ad a very important element to view and understand my personal approach to power exchange dynamic (submission/dominance) when the focus will be on feelings and sensuality by touch rather than sexuality only, where the pleasure is more in the journey than the destination. Practicing tantra and shibari turn out to be an invitation that on one side prepare the physical body for an intense journey that can include a deep, relaxation, and a profound meditative state and on the other hand can be a strong tool to confront our fears and more intimate desire.

Rope bondage is not just tying up someone, there is a lot more. It requires time patient and dedication, a full state of concentration, a strong connection with your partner, constant awareness of the risk, knowledge of how to read the body of your partner, the knots and most important safety measures. I see my ropes as an extension of my arms that embrace the de body, they nurture, massage, feel and as in an old Japanese tradition, ropes where a connection with the gods of nature and maybe if you are fully aware the gods can come and tell you a story.

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